Tap into more of your natural thinking capacity.

The ease of results might surprise you. Self-led | 1-2 hours

  • Facilitate effective conversations with greater ease

  • Enhance your creative thinking for innovative problem solving

  • Generate new perspectives on your biggest challenge

What's inside

  • Innovative ideas

    Key concepts and mapping basics that will change the way you listen, speak and think

  • Share-able resources

    Handouts you can print and download, so you can use for yourself or share them with clients and colleagues

  • Bonus content

    Short meditations to expand what you can do from your chair, PLUS a one hour bonus webinar with client stories and more

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Key ideas | Shifting perspective

    • Key ideas | Start with what you already know

    • Key ideas | Work with what you already do

  • 2

    Basic mapping

    • Mapping | Build your map

    • Mapping | Discover your WHERE

  • 3


    • Key ideas | Whole person experiments

    • Experiment | Exploring with words

    • Experiment | Get Clear on Goals

    • Experiment | Change Your State

  • 4

    Bonus content

    • Tips | More to notice

    • Tips | Grow what you know

    • Bonus practices | Awaken your balance system

    • Bonus webinar | Mapping Basics

Discover new leverage points for change in most any conversation

Self-led | 1-2 hour