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Bring an issue or idea...

leave with a fresh perspective and a plan

Highly Experiential Totally Unique

Rethinking Labs will challenge you in ways you can not yet imagine - with powerful results

Each Rethinking Lab is a streamlined, customized process. When the pressure is on and tension is high, remember that you don't need to do it all yourself. We'll rethink with you to open doors to solutions that fit and stick.

We Help You...

Deal with the persistent thing that's in the way

Get unstuck and move forward fast

Jump start innovative thinking

Integrate different points of view

"Disrupt" business as usual

Uncover fresh ideas to meet the moment

Rethinking Labs

 for Teams

These labs are live and lively, where learning is interactive and surprising. Jump start your curiosity and uncover new ways of thinking that evoke great results. 

In just two hours, your team will...

Tackle the thing that's been keeping you up at night

Quickly think and process new solutions in midst of uncertainty

Work with a proven process that taps into new thinking and hidden perspectives

Discover more through interactive conversations

Gain clarity and a refreshed perspective on actionable next steps

Walk away with tools and a plan to use now with your team

1-1 Rethinking Labs

 for Leaders and Changemakers

Get unstuck quickly.  Sometimes the best approach is one that isn't on your radar yet. Shake up your thinking to uncover new ideas to meet the moment. 


The interactive process works great to draw out untapped potential and design concrete next steps. Great for geographically dispersed teams!

In Person

Find a fresh perspective to handle a stubborn issue so you can move forward - in a better direction - faster. 

Let's meet and work on this together.

Your go-to online resource when you want a fresh look at a persistent challenge in uncertain times. Shake up your thinking online, anytime.

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